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Events for June 17, 2019
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XI International Meeting of Trumpeters of ABT - Brazilian Association of Trumpeters

Campinas - BrazilSeminar / FestivalÍtalo Ferro


June 17-21, 2019

Since 2008 ABT has held annual meetings with the participation of artists, researchers and high-performance pedagogues. The success of the initiative attracts hundreds of participants every year from the most distinguished Brazilian states, as well as from other countries.

The performance of different national and foreign trumpeters made the association reach international prestige and become an Affiliate Chapter of the International Trumpet Guild, the largest trumpet organization in the world.

In its 11th edition, the ABT International Meeting will again bring together trumpeters from renowned international and national institutions, through intense artistic and scientific programming, following the consolidated format of the event that is characterized by the articulation between the artistic production, the pedagogy of the instrument and research in the area.

It is important to note that in recent years, South America has demonstrated its importance in the world music scene. It is noteworthy that among the South American countries with the highest trompetística activity, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela stand out. These countries have musical groups of recognized artistic level, as well as important universities that offer teaching and research in the trumpet area.

In this way, the 2019 Meeting will promote the participation of guests from each of these countries. In addition to performance activities in recitals, concerts and master class, the invited trumpet players will perform a communication about the history of the instrument in their country, will highlight the main interpreters and reference pedagogues of their nationality, as well as presenting the results of researches the area. These activities will take place in lectures and roundtables throughout the program.

In this event, the ABT hopes to draw a panorama of the repertoire and pedagogy of the trumpet in South America today, documenting and disseminating the pedagogical, historical and performative action of the instrument in these regions and consolidating the performance of the South American instrumentalists in initiating actions for the creation of a South American trumpeter association.

The Postgraduate Program in Music at Unicamp was chosen to host the XI International Meeting of ABT not only for its excellence in research, teaching and artistic production, but also for the solid infrastructure and musical diversity contemplated in its activities, which favors emphasis on the musical multiplicity proposed by the theme of the Association.

The event will bring together lectures, conferences, master classes, "chat with the master" sections, concerts, musical preludes, jam sessions, ABT 2019 competition, tables

academic communications sections, poster presentations, exhibits of musical instruments and accessories, as well as ABT's annual meeting.

Presence confirmed:

Suzel Reily (UNICAMP - Brazil), Vicente Honorato (Stomvi - Spain), Pacho Flores (Deutsche Grammophon / Stomvi - Venezuela), Valentin Garvie (Hessischer Rundfunk and Crespo Brass Ensemble - Argentina), Franco Carranza ), Juan Avendaño (National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia - Colombia); (Brazil), Marisha Ribeiro (OSPA - Brazil), Daniel D'Alcântara (EMESP - Brazil), Marlon Humphreys and Tassio Furtado (OFMG - Brazil) Nailson Simões (Unirio - Brasil), Silvério Pontes ), Moisés Alves (OSTNCS - Brazil), Symphony Orchestra of Unicamp, Campinas Symphonic Orchestra, Unicamp Trumpet Group, Lyra Bragança (Marcos Bonna), Musical Instruments and Accessories Exhibition (Stomvi, MB Cases, Engelman, Thein among other companies...).

We hope everyone will enjoy these five days of intense exchange of experiences from the trumpet world here at Unicamp. We reiterate that this event was prepared with great affection and commitment so that all lovers of the instrument, professionals or not, are satisfied with what is most special in our musical making: to play, to learn, to research, to discuss, to teach, to enjoy .. .

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