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Missing link to my own range issue

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

trumpetteacher1 wrote:
You are welcome to post here anytime, Lionel. I appreciate your perspective and passion.

Not a bad assessment. Only four choices?

Ahh, I think you missed the sentence previous to that.

I find it handy to reduce complex things down to a set of four, ala Carl Jung and his quaternity concept. His most well-known example of this are his four personality types, but there are many others.


I like that dry sense of humor. Sounds like? Well? Texas! My natural tendency is unfortunately to over-explain things. This can confuse however? In my own case, right now? I probably ought to "over-explain" what is going on inside my chops. This because I must first,

"Fix myself". Or as the age old adage goes,

"Physician heal thyself". Thus I'm getting a trifle self indulgent here lately. These posts reading almost like,

"Am I doin it right Now? Huh? Am I gettin it boss?"

Hopefully I won't be doing this for long. That and elsewhere on the forum as well as the internet, I'm not actively seeking advice. Reason? Well in all honesty I don't really value much of the theories I see, hear or read on the net. Not regarding trumpet playing. Save and except a handful. Obviously you're one of them. Another is Lynn Nicholson who has been astonishingly helpful. I will stop here because by inference some noted teachers may think I'm trying to take them down a notch. Not so. I just feel that there are two categories of advice.

Professionals whose advice I value. And,

Those whom I don't consider helpful. At least to me. The second category stays anonymous because I don't want to say anything unflattering about any fellow trumpet player or teacher. My opinion on this group being "no opinion". If I can't say anything nice? I won't say anything at all. Also the general advice this larger category gives can be helpful in general. However the kind of details I'm looking into is quite complex. That and very specific to my own method. As such I can lean only on the most responsible peers and teachers I can find. Otherwise I'm on my own.

Which also means that I've kinda got to be my own cheerleader. And at least in the initial stages of my embouchure change this was very necessary. As without my own personal pep talk? I might have either quit or worked at half steam.

Today? My results (while still kind of crude) are so obviously superior to the characteristics of my former embouchure that I don't need to give myself the "halftime speech" anymore. But all support is gladly received
"It is surprising how skilled you can become on a very limited (trumpet) embouchure and how many years you can play on that and then how difficult it is to correct that once you find that it is tremendously limited". Bill Moriarty, 2005
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