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Help on Roll Ins.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 2:15 am    Post subject: Help on Roll Ins. Reply with quote

Hello again all BE Explorers
My practise has favoured RO over RI for no better reason that I know I'm getting RO about right but I don't feel the same assurance about RI. Then I read Michael's post (July05) He was contributing to a discussion about lip clamp versus pencil exercise. So picking up on Michael's point I took said pencil . and then rolled it in that inch so my lips now in full RI mode.. then take out the pencil, place the trumpet to the lips and got just the kind of easy high RI I have been looking for. Earlier Michael had posted about credit card as opposed to pencil but for me RI with pencil provided the "unlock" - thanks Michael!

All the best for the week ahead Steve


The lip clamp is intended to activate, not specifically 'exercise', a particular set of muscles in a particular way. It is more of a movement awareness than a muscle strenghtening exercise. That is a key difference. The main point of holding it until the muscles ache is so that you know that the right muscles have been activated in the right way. The lip clamp is a very foreign movement to most people, and I urge you to approach with care and attention to ensure you do it correctly.

Another key difference is that the pencil exercise is essentially about squeezing the lips together, but the lip clamp is about rolling both lips in as far as they go. If you do the pencil exercise, holding the pencil level, the lip clamp movement is to draw the pencil into the mouth. Totally different directions. There is about 1" of in and out movement possible.

PS Thank you JayKosta - your house image made me appreciate need for my own signature!
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