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Thomann ETR-3300 Eb/D

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 6:40 pm    Post subject: Thomann ETR-3300 Eb/D Reply with quote

Does anyone have any experience with these Thomann ETR-3300L Eb/D trumpet ?

I've been keeping an eye out for for a used Stomvi Elite Eb/D but no dice so far I was wondering if anyone has tried these Thomanns out. I've been dying to get an Eb/D for years now and I'd be willing to give it a shot if it's a competent horn. It's just hard to be skeptical of any new trumpets listed at under $2000.

I'm not looking for anything perfect or to win auditions, just something casual to play at some gigs with since in my experience Eb/Ds seem to be my favorite keyed trumpets to play. That being said, I don't want to deal with wild tuning tendencies.

Also, might the extra $100 be worth getting silver plating? I might otherwise strip the lacquer and go raw.


PS How about these wooden mouthpieces? Fascinating!
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 8:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I play Eb cornet for our local brass band for 6 years now, and have played Eb and D since 1974. I have owned a number of Eb and D trumpets, but have not played the Stomvi Eb Trumpet (I did play their Eb cornet at ITG in San Antonio and it was TERRIFIC) nor the Thomann. I have for several years been asked to play a feature descant on Eb with a concert band on several performances and needed something to play over the woodwinds more than my Schilke Eb cornet seems able to cut through. I had a Schilke E3L and found it to be a bit shrill. I do have the Bach 189 EL 239 bell that works but not as bright as I wanted.

I had an opportunity to buy an Andreas Eastman Eb/D that looked new at a really low price, but without a chance to play it. When I got it, the tone was brilliant but not so shrill. Unfortunately, the 5th and 6th harmonics were both AWFUL! Admittedly, Eb's often have 5th harmonic issues (4th space E, Eb, D, C#) but 6th harmonics are usually sharp. I took it to my guru, Dr Vandivere at Caprock Brass. He plays it, pulls the main slide, and says there is a burr where the water key was drilled. Grabs a handy tool and removes the burr. We each play it and are AMAZED!

The upshot was that the little inexpensive Eb/D (at least on the Eb side, I haven't tried it in D) is now a fantastic player. I have played it with the concert band through several rehearsals and it really sings, and it plays in tune with the flutes perfectly in those high range phrases! I liked it better than my Strad Eb for this.

I have played and owned a lot of Eb's and D's. I have even put together Franken Eb's. All the other low end Oriental Eb/D trumpets I played were GHASTLY! Bad harmonics and the valve slides were not right in Eb or D. I have read reviews good and bad regarding the Andreas Eastman Eb, but my experience was good, AFTER we solved this odd quality control problem. Perhaps if you can find a dealer and play a sample, it might be a solution.
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