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More Stamp simplfied.........

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bobby b
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:35 am    Post subject: More Stamp simplfied......... Reply with quote

All great trumpet players have one thing in common..a great sound..what ever method they use also has one thing in common...playing correctly...playing correctly means ( in addition to breathing correctly) focing on using the facial muscles to "push" all the facial tissue to the center of the lip tissue where the mouthpiece is going to set forming a "base" for the mouthpiece to rest on...Stamp was sometimes referred to a a "pucker embouchure"...Stamp's students who were mentally able to grasp this concept became great players...you must form a correct basic foundation on which to build on, or you are practicing and re-inforcing mistakes...once you have the correct "feel' you know you are on your way. I once studied briefly with a man that was a contract player with 20th fox studios...he really did not know s*** about any of the above...one saturday I went for a lesson, when I got to his house in the Baldwin Hills area of L.A., he was pacing the floor in his studio, and he was freaking out because the previous at a recording session he could not hit a F# over a high C...this was in the "50's and considered an extreme note at tha time to hit....you can play your Arban's book all day long, but Arban's is not going to get you to that F#...that was my last lesson with this cocky little bastard...at that time I did not know about Jimmy Stamp...Stamp could have really helped this guy...bobby b
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Bobby, nice to hear from you again! Talking about lessons, when I was in the Air Force in California in the mid-60s I was looking around for a trumpet teacher and found a two-line classifed ad in the LA Times: Trumpet lessons, $20 for half an hour.

I went to the guy's house out in the Valley and wound up in his garage listening to him blow the roof off. Then he listened to me play a while and said I had some work to do. Scales, long tones, and more scales. Then he played some more and I realized I REALLY had some work to do. This guy had chops to burn and I sounded like a sixth grader.

I realized I didn't even know who the guy was so I wrote down his name and, later, did some research. After I read the news clippings on him I knew why he could get around the horn so well. His name was Don Ellis.

I went back for a few more lessons but they ended when we both got too busy. He was getting his big band together and I had to go help the Air Force launch rockets. Wish it had been the other way 'round.
Jim Hatfield

"Music is not notes. Music is what notes do." David McGill
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