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What is Superchops Method?

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Jerome Callet Forum Moderator

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2003 9:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Posted - 10/29/2003 : 15:09:50

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Posted: 2002-01-11 23:26
I have used to lear on my own since two month. I beggined thinking of getting more organized. I joined this forum to help me knowing some learning method. This is my second year of trumpet playing but im a better than alot of 4-5 years trumpet player. So i would like if some of you can tell me what is the goal and principles of Super Chops method. And actually, it may sound a bit stupid, but what does "Chop" means, i used to look in a dictionnary but the defininion dont seems to go along well with trumpet vocabulary.
-=The French Canadian High School Student Trumpeter=-


Lee Adams
Superchops Forum Moderator

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From: Atlanta, Ga
Posted: 2002-01-13 02:11

The Super Chops principles are outlined in the Super Chops book and video #1 available thru http://www.northernbrass.com
At least try to get the book. Most of the topics and discussions in the forum here will be better understood. The book shows the three common embouchure types and how to identify the one that you presently use.
The SC forum stands best as a support group for those studying the SC book.

Just in a nut shell. It is a very efficient embouchure sysytem with specific instructions on the usages of the lips and facial muscles. Athough the book is needed to see the illustrations and other important material. The major goal is training to use less corner tension and replacing it with center compression of the lips, including tonguing thru the teeth in a forward position.
Many posts already exist that discuss some of the principles.
The results when developed properly can include.
Improved endurance, range, articulation, which can be applied to all styles of music.

Chops as in trumpeters terms could be considered as the lip,facial muscles, and their development for the purpose of playing. Chops and embouchure seem to mean about the same thing to most trumpeters.

As always AAtozhvac@cs.com

Lee Adams


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Posted: 2002-02-11 17:39
"CHOPS" -- Now that's one of the fastest evolving musical terms.
Lee Adams hit it. Other wind instrument players also expand it to include abdomen muscles, respiratory, back muscles and more...Pianists refer to their crucial fingers as chops...Flautists to flautas.
I spend a lot of time around percussionists. Wrists! Stamina.
Even roadies and pit crew have bunched their chins. They occasionally refer to electronics/amplification knowledge, stowage/setup secrets, lighting, etc., as their chops. Fun word!

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