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Towards Superchops

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Jerome Callet Forum Moderator

Joined: 11 Nov 2001
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2003 9:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: Nov 21, 2001
Posts: 786 Posted: 2002-04-27 21:57
Without going into unnecessary details,I am looking into the possibility of getting a new horn/mouthpiece.At present,I am "hornless."
I started taking lessons in 1965 in the typical classical format of the times;i,e,Bach 1 1/4C mouthpiece and a traditional embouchure system(for lack of a better description).
I haven't played a lot in recent times,so maybe learning a new method might be appropriate at this point.I know I probably still have lots of muscle memory,but I am interested in focusing on Superchops since any embouchure is going to take work.I'd really like to see if Superchops can open new doors for me as it has done for others.
I also want to try to get away from embouchures that tend to rely on teeth/dental issues and pressure against the front teeth - they are all still there and I think the front teeth are still pretty strong,but the molars are showing signs of wear.Who knows what lies ahead in that area in the years to come?(I'm 50years old - the dentists arent really guaranteeing me anything for the rest of my life......)
Callet horns are most likely out of the price range.My most recent horns were Bach Strad 37 and LA Benge 3X.
Replacements might be either Kanstul Chicago or Conn Vintage one - good prices.
Most recent mouthpiece was Bach 3C.
Would anyone be willing to comment on where I might go with this in the horn/mouthpiece area and Superchops prospects?(From what I have read and heard,I have experiences very much like others who have benefitted greatly from Superchops).
Thanks very much.

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From: Philadelphia, Pa
Posted: 2002-04-28 00:58
Certainly, the horn is far less important, at least in the early going, than the mouthpiece. Jerry would strongly encourage his DT-10 piece. And, it is the best for the fully developed Superchops player. But, a 10-S is much more forgiving and probably a much easier place to start. If you've been a "cursed longtime user" of really big stuff like Bach 3C and larger then you may need to use a Callet 7S as an intermediate piece until you can gravitate to the 10S or DT-10.

For horns, talk to Bruce at NorthernBrass.com. He can help tremendously in guiding you towards good new and used horns regardless of budget. Best regards, Kyle
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