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Just got an SC4

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:39 am    Post subject: Just got an SC4 Reply with quote

I saw one on ebay going for a song with no-one bidding on it... done. Now I own an SC4.

Wow, I see what you guys mean about these mouthpieces teaching you. It was pretty difficult to get a sound out of it for the first session but after a few days I am getting a little bit of sound and occasionally a decent note. I've gotten used to hearing garbage out of my bell for the last 3 months (+10 years) so it's not shocking to regress like this

The staccato notes are easy, as usual, but long tones often disappear into puffs of air. I had this with my large mouthpiece but it resolved itself about 2-3 weeks ago (that would be about 3 months into switching to the Superchops embouchure). But on the small mouthpiece it is there again.

One thing I noticed on the large mouthpiece was that I had a double buzz exactly an octave below my note. It gave a kind of full embouchure vibration and felt pretty good - after trying to stop it for a week or two I decided to just go with it. It turned out to be a good thing (IMHO) because shortly after I got that full buzz feeling without the octave below and a fairly good sound.

That double buzz in perfect octaves started happening on the SC4 today so I believe it may turn into a proper buzz shortly. Anyone else notice this?

A few comments on the SC4. The rim is just.... perfect. It has a little bit of bite and is wide, both of which I like. The cup diameter seems smaller than a Bach 7D and it's also shallower - neither of which I particularly care for. I may yet go for the SC8 if things keep progressing with this embouchure.

However I've read a lot on here how guys go smaller and smaller and then even smaller as they progress, so no rush on that. The SC8 would probably have been a better transition piece for me but it wasn't in the right place at the right time.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The first Superchops mouthpiece I bought was an SC4 on Jerry's advice. Over time I've expanded my collection to include SC2, SC3, and SC6 as well. My favourite day-to-day mouthpiece is the SC3, but they all have their place. Actually the SC4 is now my least favourite...
The SC6 is by far the strictest training tool. I also have some vintage Callet pieces (3CXS Bukur, 10S Bukur, 10-S VF and 2 different SOLOs!!)... It's actually quite a collection now and there are still some others I'm after!

My advice is to stick at it. I gave the SC4 six months before using another mouthpiece. Now that I'm happy with the my playing with this technique I can switch around without it messing things up too much, and for a while I did as you say and kept going smaller. I found a limit though - Bahb Civiletti's TCE#3 is too small for me to be able to play all of the time. I've had some great gigs on it, and it taught me a lot, but the SC3 is more my size (at the moment!!!).

As for your double buzz, I can't say that's something that I experienced from TCE. Some pupils I've had tend to go at the spit buzz too softly to avoid an offensive tone. I find that at first you need to master that louder sound before you can scale it back to a pleasing tone. This may not be the case with everyone. Overall I find that although TCE is a crazy good technique when you've mastered it you still have to do all the same work on co-ordination and clean playing that you have to do with other techniques. Yes TCE is physically easier for me. Yes it is more efficient by far. Is it a short cut? No way.
UK-based trumpeter. Proponent of TCE/Superchops/Trumpet Yoga.

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Jerome Callet Forum Moderator

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Best evidence that an SC4 is a great tool - at first you can't play it!

Not only does it highlight that a player is overblowing and muscling the tones into pitch, it rewards you as soon as you head in a better direction. Definitely stick with it. And if you aren't sure how to proceed then give Jerry a call. Even if you move to another size SC in the future, the SC4 is a perfect mid-size to have in the quiver, a great mouthpiece. Best wishes, Kyle
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 1:20 am    Post subject: SC4 Reply with quote

epoustoufle is the sc4 mp capable of giving a big fat tone if its worked on it?I now the post was posted quite a few yrs ago did it ever worked for you and what were the results for you?or any one else using the SC3 or SC4,thank you
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