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Cornet mouthpiece for a comeback trumpet player

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:21 am    Post subject: Cornet mouthpiece for a comeback trumpet player Reply with quote

Thanks for the add to the site everyone. I am a comeback trumpet player who is also trying to find his way on a new to me King 602 long cornet. Although it's been 20+ years since I played trumpet regularly I am progressing in getting my chops back with the basic long tones and lip slurs. The question I have for you kind players here are related to cornet mouthpieces. The King 602 came with a King 7M mouthpiece which I presume is what was supplied by King back in the 70's with new student instruments. I'm having success with that 7M but I'm looking for something larger. To my out of date and inexperienced lips the 7M feels like a Bach 7C. I can play a 7C well but I always had better performance and comfort with a larger mouthpiece. I use a Bach 1C or Yamaha 18C4 on my Olds Ambassador trumpet, which I started playing in 5th grade back when Lyndon Johnson was still president, and my King 2055T trumpet that I bought in 1992. I did not have much success with a Bach 3C. What would a recommendation be for a larger and deeper mouthpiece for my cornet. I would like to produce the classic mellow tone of a cornet with a large cup and rim like the 1C or 18C4 but a deeper cup for the mellow tone. I've looked online at a Bach 1, 5V, and 7A as well the Yamaha 11E4, 13E4, and 14E. Unfortunately the music stores in my city only stock the basic mouthpieces so it's not really possible to try some out, and with new mouthpieces prices I don't want to buy a lot of mouthpieces. Thoughts and opinions?
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm also somewhat of a comeback player but not quite as long as you've been out. However, I never played cornet until a year ago and am now playing regularly with the Salvation Army. I spent more money than I would like to admit trying different cornet mouthpieces. I found that a lot has to do with the sound that you need or desire to match the literature your playing.

I started with a Bach 7C and then tried a Bach 1.5 C since that's what I had played for a long time. Even with the larger mouthpiece it sounded like a trumpet. Great range but a very bright sound. I then tried what I read were the ultimate cornet mouthpieces, a Denis Wick 4 and 4BW. Maybe it was me, but these sounded very, very dark, didn't project, I struggled to play anything above the staff and they needed more air than I have, kind of like playing trombone. They were too dark for playing a lot of brass band pop style music. I then tried a Pickett 3 cornet mouthpiece that almost worked. It sounded good but was too soft, I couldn't play it loud and it didn't project for me. That surprised me since I was playing a Pickett 3BC/26 trumpet mouthpiece that I really liked. I'm playing a Shires 3C now which is basically a Pickett 3C/27 with a slightly larger rim.

So I went to Chris Kromer at A Minor Tuneup in Wilmington, DE who sells Warburton mouthpieces and has the full mouthpiece demo kit. I tried a bunch of combinations with Chris listening, a big help. I wound up getting a Warburton 8 MBC that I just love playing. It's a crossover mouthpiece that you can darken up a bit if needed and always helps me sound at least a little bit like a cornet player.

Warburton and Pickett MPs are not cheap, but I think you might need to try a few with someone else listening and helping you. The guys at Pickett are very helpful if you call them. Peter Pickett helped me with my trumpet mouthpiece at a couple of ITGs I attended. Find out where they're going to be attending shows, maybe they'll be somewhere near you.

Mouthpiece Express will let you order 3 mouthpieces at a time to try as long as you wind up buying one. Denis Wick are real cornet mouthpieces, they might work for you.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A lot depends on whether you want a dark British brass band sound or a brighter sound for concert band or Dixieland.

For the brass band I would recommend a Wick Heritage.

For concert or jazz band I like Curry DC, Stork SC, and Picket B.

All in the rim size of your choice.
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