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Stamp,getting the best possible results of it...??

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 3:05 pm    Post subject: Stamp,getting the best possible results of it...?? Reply with quote

I'm already many years a believer of the stamp way...but unconciously sometimes stamp gets me quickly to some great improvements getting to grate shape and easy full of air playing but sometimes I can play it for a month everyday almost having problmes already in the first warm ups where instead of getting from the pedals to the high notes easily and naturaly I just feel the apperture makes too "big" changes and i'm often out of air sooner then ussual (before the end of a line) probably since the apperture was too opened after pedals?...
Is it when playing the exercises in stamp-important playing every line in a single air?or its ok to fill the tank in the middle of it just keeping the apperture not open/close too much avoiding big changes?
whats the metronome reccomended rhytm for first stamp exercices?
I noticed many times that guys in the highest levels combining Stamp with chromatics of Clarke studies...Anyone knows why?and whats the point of that exacly?(I guess that the experts here knows very well what i'm talking about)
When i tried playing clarke all chromatics first studies i just got too stiff embouchure...not making any better by the combination,why?
*I keep doing in stamp also the buzzing and mouthpiece as written at the begining...

Please help me&thank you indeed!!!
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A simple suggestion might be to cut the volume of air in half.
Easiest way to do this is to play softer.

The H.L. Clarke Technical Studies that you mention all contain "pp" markings. These are used by a lot of teachers to work on "fingering flexibilty". Would recommend practicing all of them, just not chromatic.
Can also try starting with "C" rather than low "F#", then alternate going up, 1/2 step, (C#) next one down 1/2 step(B) then (D) then (Bb) etc.
You can also play them doing a circle of 5ths. (G)then (D) then (A) etc..

Would not use a metronome for Stamp warm-ups(#4-5), but would use for the Clarke.

I don't know what the Stamp book says about volume, perhaps it mentions this, but Jimmy always had one alternate for each exercise(#4-5), first one PP to FF next one FF to PP, soft to loud, loud to soft.(Looking at the book, exercise 5 is the only one using this, you can use these volume types on all of #4-5)

Would recommend you try playing the warmup at very very low volume levels on occasion. Then the Clarke as soft as possible.
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