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Monette DOUBLE Trumpet CasePlaced: Dec. 10 '18: 12:26 amViews: 205
I have a very good Monette Double Trumpet Case for sale on eBay. Please check it out!
Yamaha YTR 6335S Bb trumpetPlaced: Dec. 9 '18: 4:40 pmViews: 176
Yamaha YTR-6335S Bb - Silver - Intermediate level trumpet. Very good condition. Recently Chem cleaned (not payed since). Original Owner....
Bach Mt Vernon Mouthpiece DiPlaced: Dec. 8 '18: 11:38 pmViews: 201
I have a very nice Bach Mt Vernon Salesman Mouthpiece Display Case listed on eBay. Check it out!
1990s Bach 1 1/4C 24/24Placed: Dec. 8 '18: 8:37 pmViews: 149
I have for sale a very nice Bach 1 1/4C trumpet mouthpiece with factory 24 throat and 24 backbore. Check it out!...
Monette CORNET MouthpiecePlaced: Dec. 8 '18: 7:14 pmViews: 133
I have a very nice Monette Cornet Mouthpiece for sale on eBay. Check it out!
Getzen 940 Eterna PiccoloPlaced: Dec. 8 '18: 3:46 pmViews: 128
Used Getzen 940 Eterna Bb/A Piccolo trumpet - Lacquer Excellent condition. 2nd Owner. Includes case. No known dents or defects (see pic...
Conn 28A Cornet Placed: Dec. 6 '18: 7:26 pmViews: 64
Hard to find 1958 Conn Connstellation 28A long cornet in excellent condition. See it on eBay. Starting price is $772....
LOTS OF STOCKING TRUMPET STUPlaced: Dec. 6 '18: 12:23 amViews: 211
HO ! HO ! HO ! I have lots of great trumpets at my eBay store listings !. I have Yamahas in various keys , Bachs with various bells, Martin...
Monette Single Trumpet CasePlaced: Dec. 2 '18: 11:25 pmViews: 332
Beautiful Monette Single Trumpet Case in Leather. Excellent Condition!
Selmer 80J Sterling SilverPlaced: Nov. 27 '18: 5:45 amViews: 183
Very rare and exceptionnal Bb Selmer Paris trumpet, model 80j, sterling silver bell. Bore : 11.75mm Bell : 124mm Flare : 12mm Hig...
CALICCHIO ! XENO ! AND MORE Placed: Nov. 25 '18: 7:13 pmViews: 224
TRUMPET CYBER DEALS ::: CALICCHIO TULSA Silver Excellent ! You won't find it again at this price !!! Also available XENO FOR $1000 LES...
Holton T103Placed: Nov. 24 '18: 7:05 pmViews: 79
Holton T103, mid to late 80s. Great condition. With case. I'll ship free to TH members.
YAMAHA XENO Bb TRUMPET AWESOPlaced: Nov. 16 '18: 6:59 pmViews: 204
YAMAHA XENO SILVER WITH REVERSED LEADPIPE ! Very sturdy horn and a great player. Horn is in new other shape minus a couple of hard to notice...
NEW DEMO Bach Strad 72* lacqPlaced: Nov. 13 '18: 2:06 pmViews: 293
I have new demo shape lite Bach 72* in lacquer finish available with original beautiful Bach case. Perfect gift for an upcoming holiday seas...
VETERANS DAY TRUMPET SPECIALPlaced: Nov. 12 '18: 3:26 pmViews: 245
Lots of Veterans Day Trumpet Specials at my eBay store. Packing today, Shipping tomorrow ! Ps any questions please ask through eBay messag...
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