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Warburton 5M Anchor GripPlaced: Sep. 28 '20: 11:23 amViews: 93
Brand new. Comfortable rim. Great sound. Price includes all shipping costs.
Curry 5* 60-2Placed: Sep. 28 '20: 11:21 amViews: 80
This model has the more comfortable rim than the standard 5* Like new except for some worn plating where inserted into the leadpipe. Round, ...
Giardinelli 7MPlaced: Sep. 28 '20: 11:19 amViews: 91
Rare, hard to find Giardinelli 7M - one piece. Like new. Big sound, quick response. Shipping is included in the price....
Curry 60*Placed: Sep. 28 '20: 11:16 amViews: 54
Comfortable rim. Easy, crisp high register. Perfect condition except for insertion line. Price includes shipping....
Olds 7CPlaced: Sep. 28 '20: 11:13 amViews: 39
Worn, but otherwise in perfect shape. Comfortable rim. Price includes shipping.
Curry 7M*Placed: Sep. 28 '20: 11:11 amViews: 64
Curry 7M*. Like new. Light insertion marks. The rim is more comfortable than the standard 7* model. Has a quick response. Price includes sh...
Schilke S4 lead mouthpiece.Placed: Sep. 28 '20: 11:09 amViews: 106
Schilke lead mouthpiece. Hardly played -like new. Cup is between an "A" & a "B" cup. Easy to play. Poppin' high regi...