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PATRICK Mouthpiece Back-borePlaced: Dec. 4 '20: 1:34 pmViews: 285
PATRICK Mouthpiece Back-bore prototypes. These are all prototypes made specifically for Steve Patrick. These are actually not in productio...
Dave Trigg Callet DT-10 custPlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 6:21 pmViews: 180
Callet Dave Trigg DT-10 model. Asking $100
Giorgianni 2000Placed: Nov. 30 '20: 6:18 pmViews: 133
Tarnished but barely used Giorgianni 2000 mouthpiece asking $100
Blackburn 7P piccolo mouthpiPlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 6:13 pmViews: 145
Blackburn 7P. Short shank trumpet piccolo mouthpiece
PATRICK and LOUD prototypesPlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 6:00 pmViews: 182
Tops, backbores and one piece PATRICK AND LOUD prototypes. Tell me what you're looking for and I'll let you know if I have it. $25...
tons of mouthpiecesPlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 5:53 pmViews: 446
various condition. Schilke 14C2 Schilke custom (just says "R") PATRICK 7.3C with pickett 10-2/27 backbore OLDS 3C (several) B...
Yamaha 5A4Placed: Nov. 30 '20: 5:26 pmViews: 98
Yamaha 5A4. Not in great shape and drilled out as well. Asking $20 plus shipping.
New York Bach 10.5APlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 5:23 pmViews: 95
Rare New York Bach 10 1/2A. Tarnished and not perfect but pretty cool if you play on anything around this size. Asking $100....
LOUD 5B prototypePlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 5:18 pmViews: 127
LOUD 5B prototype. We were experimenting with outer blanks and this didn't make the cut. Literally. Haha. Asking $40 plus shipping....
Schilke 14F4 flugelhorn piecPlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 5:15 pmViews: 112
Schilke 14F4 flugelhorn piece. Highly Modified to a DEEP V. Asking $25 plus shipping.
Bach 6 cornet piecePlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 5:09 pmViews: 93
Vincent Bach Corp. 6 cornet piece. Tarnished but still good.
Yamaha 13F4 flugelhorn piecePlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 5:06 pmViews: 90
Yamaha 13F4 flugelhorn piece. Tarnished and old. Small morse taper. asking $20 plus shipping.
Blackburn 7B cornetPlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 5:01 pmViews: 93
Blackburn 7B cornet mouthpiece. Tarnished. Probably 25 years old but hardly used. Asking $60.
LOUD 12S piccolo prototypePlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 4:58 pmViews: 125
LOUD 12S piccolo prototype. Rim is the 12 that is like the PATRICK Mouthpieces 12 that the CR (comfort rim series) was based off of. Raw b...
LOUD 5B PROTOTYPEPlaced: Nov. 30 '20: 4:48 pmViews: 107
LOUD 5B PROTOTYPE in raw brass. Asking $30 plus shipping.
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