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JTS CX-508 XLR Instrument MiPlaced: May. 20 '22: 4:02 pmViews: 98
I'm selling a brand new JTS CX-508 XLR Instrument Microphone. I bought this new on Amazon for recording drums but it's much more sui...
Carolbrass Cornet Classic MoPlaced: Apr. 18 '22: 3:10 pmViews: 104
I'm selling a brand new Carolbrass Classic Cornet mouthpiece that I received with my new Carolbrass cornet. I wish I could use it but th...
Carol Brass Eurobell Bb ProfPlaced: Apr. 1 '22: 11:27 pmViews: 333
Thinning the herd and selling my Carolbrass Eurobell Bb Professional Trumpet, model-CTR-5280-GLD (D) in lacquer that I bought brand new from...