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WTB Bach 28 throatPlaced: Apr. 30 '21: 3:48 pmViews: 54
Looking for Bach Corp 28 throat in any of these sizes: 1, 1 1/2c, 2 1/2c, 2 3/4c, 3c.
Wtb two piece valve BachPlaced: Mar. 30 '21: 3:18 amViews: 133
Looking for a two-piece valve section Bach; bell and lead pipe doesn’t need to be in good shape or even included. Ideally early Elkhart o...
Wtb Corp 2 1/2, 2 3/4cPlaced: Feb. 12 '21: 5:55 pmViews: 91
Looking for Corp (no period) 2 1/2c and 2 3/4c.
Wtb 229 Early ElkhartPlaced: Feb. 12 '21: 5:50 pmViews: 181
Looking for pre 1971 (35xxx-65xxx) Bach 229 large bore in raw brass or lacquer.
WTB 1X 24/24Placed: Dec. 30 '20: 5:54 pmViews: 197
Also looking for a Bach 1x 24-24 combination.