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5MM Harrelson 40 piece kitPlaced: Jun. 26 '20: 9:39 pmViews: 175
5MM Harrelson 40 piece kit 5MM Harrelson 40 piece kit based on Bach 3C rim 4 rims (3 silver, 1 Delrin) 10 cups (silver) 12 throats (raw ...
WTB: Monette BL2S3Placed: Jun. 26 '20: 5:42 pmViews: 38
Looking for a Monette BL2S3 Classic. LT, XLT and Resonance blanks are fine.
Mouthpiece StandPlaced: Jun. 26 '20: 9:20 amViews: 176
Deluxe Solid Walnut Trumpet Mouthpiece Stand holds up to 18 trumpet, cornet or French Horn mouthpieces. Also available in larger size to ho...
Curry Trumpet/Cornet/FlugelhPlaced: Jun. 25 '20: 9:12 pmViews: 148
Price includes shipping to CONUS. I can accept payment through PayPal Friends/Family, Venmo, or Facebook Pay. Please message me for more inf...
WTS GR 64.7M Gold Plated TruPlaced: Jun. 25 '20: 2:31 pmViews: 112
GR 64.7M trumpet mouthpiece in Gold Plate - $195 + $8 for shipping Brand new it's $330 and made to order so you can get this in a coupl...
GR e62s Placed: Jun. 25 '20: 2:15 pmViews: 56
Hello all, For sale here is a GR e62s. It will need to be replated (the rim is almost all raw brass) but looks straight throughout. The ...
Bach 1-1/4C, 24/24Placed: Jun. 25 '20: 1:23 pmViews: 147
"Vincent Bach 1-1/4C", 24 throat, 24 backbore. One piece, all gold. $60 Excellent (like new) condition. Shipping included i...
Orchestral UnderpartsPlaced: Jun. 25 '20: 12:57 pmViews: 218
For sale: 3 Frost underparts for 1-1.5 sized rims, all in great shape, and all play great! These accept rims with Bach/Parke/Pickett threads...
WTB BB cut for Reeves SleevePlaced: Jun. 25 '20: 11:45 amViews: 45
Looking for a BB cut for Reeves sleeves - middle of the road standard type BB with Warburton threads. Let me know what you have, shape an...
For Sale Costello B trumpet Placed: Jun. 24 '20: 5:30 pmViews: 103
For Sale Costello B trumpet mouthpiece
WTB Reeves P10Placed: Jun. 24 '20: 6:39 amViews: 35
WTB Reeves P10 with #29 or #30 bore , two piece or underpart.
WTB Reeves sleeve 3.75Placed: Jun. 24 '20: 6:37 amViews: 26
WTB Reeves sleeve #3.75
Jon Lewis Personal CollectioPlaced: Jun. 23 '20: 8:02 pmViews: 333
I have been asked to handle the selling of a large assortment of mouthpieces and mutes from the great LA studio player Jon Lewis’ personal...
Assorted Pieces for SalePlaced: Jun. 23 '20: 7:58 pmViews: 268
Small assortment for sale. Number in parentheses is condition from 1-10. Please message me for pictures. Make me an offer if you want t...
WTB Pickett 10cPlaced: Jun. 23 '20: 6:51 pmViews: 15
Looking to buy a Pickett 10c if you have one for sale Thanks
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