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Vintage 1954 Olds Recording Placed: Jul. 10 '19: 4:30 pmViews: 436
I'm helping a friend from church sell a vintage 1954 Olds Recording Case. This gentleman had a stroke back in 1998 and hasn't been a...
WTB: Chicago MutesPlaced: Jul. 9 '19: 9:38 pmViews: 178
Anybody have a Chicago mute they're willing to sell? I'm looking for TWO!
Dizzy Gillespie edition casePlaced: Jul. 9 '19: 5:33 amViews: 299
Here’s a Facebook link with more pics
WTB: Walt Johnson MutesPlaced: Jul. 6 '19: 4:40 pmViews: 191
I have a Walt Johnson straight, and my students LOVE it. Unfortunately, mine is not for sale. Does anyone have a Walt Johnson straight mut...
Schilke S32Placed: Jul. 3 '19: 3:24 pmViews: 461
For sale: gold plated Schilke S32 in very good condition with no gold plating loss, the valves are tight with no leakage, all slides are smo...
WTB Pickett 3CPlaced: Jul. 2 '19: 3:00 pmViews: 118
Looking for a Pickett 3c, either one piece or top and bottom. Let me know if you've got one!!
WTB GR Wayne Bergeron CLASSIPlaced: Jul. 2 '19: 1:38 pmViews: 123
Looking for the WB classic
Tuning slide spacersPlaced: Jun. 29 '19: 2:01 pmViews: 459
Spacers to extend the top and bottom of the tuning slide legs to close the gap inside the lead pipe. Great for older horns where you have to...
Shastock micro mutePlaced: Jun. 29 '19: 11:13 amViews: 326
Shastock micro mute. (Hard to find these days.) Not sure what it's worth... asking $100. Will accept offers if that's not a reas...
Parke, Pickett, Curry, Bach,Placed: Jun. 28 '19: 6:49 pmViews: 717
Curry 1.25 BC, excellent condition. $45 Curry 1.5 C, excellent condition. $45 Bach 1 1/2 C Corp. excellent condition. $100 Pickett 1.25C/...
Copper bottom JoRal straightPlaced: Jun. 27 '19: 8:57 pmViews: 217
Copper bottom JoRal straight mute. $42 shipping included
JoRal aluminum straight mutePlaced: Jun. 27 '19: 8:55 pmViews: 177
Aluminum JoRal straight mute. $35 shipping included
WTB GR Fornero or 3MSPlaced: Jun. 26 '19: 6:11 amViews: 166
I am looking for a GR Fornero (the all-around model with the largest cup volume) mouthpiece or possibly a GR 3MS. Can trade for a little-...
GR 66 M-B trumpet Mpc [SOLD]Placed: Jun. 23 '19: 1:45 pmViews: 362
Hi, Up for sale is GR 66 M-B trumpet mouthpiece. Paypal F&F / CONUS Shipping is included.
Monette D2S3 wantedPlaced: Jun. 22 '19: 4:30 pmViews: 128
UK buyer wants D2S3 in great condition
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