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Updated YUGE mouthpiece tops/bottoms sale

Placed: Apr. 28 '20: 6:37 pm   Views: 2361 
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Here's an UPDATED list of MOST of the mouthpiece parts, message for prices and photos! Every piece has been cleaned, polished AND Sterilized! Shipping $8 each or FREE if you buy more than one!
GP - gold plate
throat - throat
bb - backbore
Silver plated unless specified

SCREW RIMS - Bach threads unless specified
Bach 1 GP
Bach 2
Bach 5B Lucite Rim (unmarked)
Bach 5C
Bach 7E
Bach White Plastic Rim (unmarked)
Giadinelli 7 GP (Giardinelli threads, worn gold plate)
Legends L-BL GP
Reeves 41 (Reeveā€™s thread)
Schilke 14a4a (Reeves thread?)
Schilke 20 GP
Schilke 20GP JW (Joe Walthall custom, worn gold plate)
Warburton 4 Plastic rim

SCREW RIM UNDERPARTS - Bach threads unless specified
Bach 1C E
Bach 1X1x
Bach 1X1x 24throat S2bb
Bach 5B 22 throat 10bb
Bach 5C 7bb
Bach C1c 22throat 24bb
Bach C1x 24thoat S2bb
Bach corp. 1
Bach corp. 1X 22 throat
Bach corp. 1 1/2C S2bb
Bach corp. 7C
Bach corp. D3C
Bach D
Bach Mt Vernon 7C
Reeves 42MV
Reeves 42V692S
Schilke JW-D 26 throat Cbb (Joe Walthall custom)
Schilke Walthall Cbb (Joe Walthall custom)
Bach Unkown (B cup?, Cornet shank)
Reeves B (Cornet shank, Reeves threads)
Reeves MPC GP (Cornet shank, Reeves threads)
Schilke 20A pic bb (Cornet shank)
Schilke Walthall Pic 28throat (Cornet shank, Joe Walthall custom)
Wick (Cornet shank, unmarked, deep Reeves threads)
Couesnon Bb GP (French Taper)

1, 6

ACB 1 1/2B
ACB 2B (Acrylic)
ACB 10.5C* (Worn GP)
ACB H2Vintage
ACB H2Vintage (Acrylic)
ACB Randy (.656 custom, D-ish cup)
Curry CSV-M
G Rawlin 2
G Rawlin 3
Hammond 4S (unmarked)
Hammond 7MB
Houser 61
Kanstul B1
Kanstul B5D
Kanstul B6
Kanstul B6C
Kanstul B6D
Kanstul BMV2
Kanstul BMV7C
Kanstul BNY1
Kanstul BNY10-1/2D
Kanstul BNY6SC
Kanstul BNY7C (x2)
Kanstul GIR6VMF
Kanstul GIR10M
Kanstul GIR10S (x2)
Kanstul GR10M
Kanstul S13C4
Legends Boss cup (no rim)
Najoom Custom 5CS GP (worn GP, deep scratch)
Parke 640-275-24 (no rim)
Parke Merkelo 670-285-24 (no rim)
Pickett 4Vm
Pickett 6B
Warburton 2MD*
Warburton 3D raw brass
Warburton 3MD
Warburton 4D GP
Warburton 4XD Plastic
Warburton 5MC
Warburton 6MC
Warburton 7M
Warburton CHIP
Warburton MD cup (no rim)
Warburton RS
Yamaha Vizzutti GP rim&cup

Bach 6
Bach 10
Kanstul 41
Pickett C4/27
Warburton B5
Warburton B6
Warburton Series80 1
Warburton 1
Warburton 4 (x2)
Warburton 5
Warburton 6 (x3)
Warburton 6*
Warburton 7 raw brass
Warburton 9* 20throat
Kanstul 25bb (Cornet shank)
Warburton Series 80 8* (Cornet shank)
Kanstul 112bb (Small Morse flugel shank)
Kanstul 119bb (Small Morse flugel shank)
ACB VNT (Couesnon flugel shank)

Check my other ads for one-piece flugel/cornets and trumpet mouthpieces!
Rich Ita's Brass Instrument Workshop
Category: Mouthpieces
Item price: $99,999.00
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