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Superchops Mouthpieces 1SC and 6

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I am selling the following Superchops trumpet mouthpieces. Each mouthpiece is less than 7 months old and in excellent and original, unaltered condition - throats are STOCK. Each mouthpiece will be carefully SANITIZED before sending it to you! Descriptions of each mouthpiece are below, excerpted from the manufacture's website.
Superchops 1SC (this is a cup depth BETWEEN the shallow 1SB and less shallow 1SS. It sounds GREAT!)
Superchops 6
$120 each, SHIPPED within the continental USA, $220 for both, SHIPPED within the continental USA!

Specifications for 1SC (1SC is a depth between the 1SB and 1SS)
• Diameter: similar to a Bach 20 (.582”, 19/32nds”, 15mm)
• Cup shape: copy of extremely efficient Harry James double cup design
• Cup size on 1ss*: medium-shallow initial cup with shallow second cup for greatly improved range, power, and endurance
• Cup size on 1sb**: shallow initial cup with extra shallow second cup for maximum range, power, and endurance
• Rim: adapted from the great Charlie Shavers’ personal rim - wider and more rounded than New York Bach. Extremely comfortable in all ranges
• Throat:29 for superior response and efficiency with less air for added endurance, increased security, and proper focus in the upper range
• Backbore: narrower but longer than a standard New York Bach for greatly improved intonation from low F# to double C and beyond
• Outer shape: triple contour for quickest response, dependable attack, and increased projection

Superchops 6 Trumpet Mouthpiece
For players seeking an even more focused sound with the densest core and most powerful projection possible.
• Diameter: Bach 7C size
• Very shallow double cup, 29 throat, same longer backbore as
the Superchops 4
• Same wide, exceptionally comfortable rim as Superchops 4
• May require additional acclimation time for players not yet
proficient on a very shallow cup
Extensive testing of this mouthpiece with a large number of highly advanced players has shown that the SC6, in the right hands, is a nearly magical mouthpiece. The very shallow cup requires a highly advanced embouchure. An embouchure which allows the lips to blow forward will result in premature bottoming-out. However, for those that are ready for a shallow cup the results are truly amazing. For these players, the sound is actually BIGGER than the already very large sound of the SC4. Ease and endurance in the upper range are exceptional with no loss in focus or richness. Numerous advanced lead players have found the magic in this mouthpiece. Yet surprisingly, the sound of this mouthpiece is so big that it is even being used in professional orchestras in the U.S. and Europe.
Category: Mouthpieces
Item price: $120.00
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