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Wallace 4v Eb tpt

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Wallace 4-valve E-flat trumpet

This is a great E-flat trumpet! Pitch centering is impeccable, but I had a trigger added to the tuning slide for slight intonation variances and timbral shading, especially during quick horn switching in a cold room. I have triggers on several horns, but I have not perceived any lack of compression on any them…ever. The trigger linkages have brass ballcup connections on both ends, making it very easy to dissemble for cleaning or lubricating. Slide alignment and trigger action are extremely smooth, although you might not need to use it much, if at all, once the horn temperature has equalized.

The horn comes with two bells and two leadpipes (with separate tuning slides), copper and yellow brass for each set. You can mix and match. The copper bell and leadpipe yield a slightly warmer sound, while the yellow brass segments provide a little more oomph to projection.

When I got the horn a little over a year ago, it was originally in raw brass, but I had a brushed lacquer finish done by a local tech, along with the custom trigger work. We tried about three different locations for the trigger with various angles for the lever, and the one we chose is extremely ergonomic. Laying the left index finger over the bell would be the normal position with or without this trigger, operating the trigger lever with the left third digit (with the left ring finger in the 3rd ring). You can easily install or omit the 1st or 3rd slide rings as preferred. (The custom trigger and lacquer work cost me an additional $800, btw.)

The overall blow of this horn is consistent from bottom to top. Response and slotting are excellent. John Wallace, who served as Principal Tpt in several leading orchestras in England, including the LSO, is the designer. I understand he used the instrument on a lot of orchestral repertoire.

When I received this very gently-used horn on trade, it had no dents/dings/scratches that I could see and has been maintained so. Since then I have only playtested the horn and was never quite sure that I’d keep it. The main reason? I had started another 4v Eb tpt project (B&S with a Bach 239 C tpt bell and triggers to the bell and 4th slide) in 2016 and finally brought that project to completion a couple of months ago. I have no need for more than one E-flat tpt. This Wallace and the 4-valve Yamaha E-flat that I have listed (also from a trade) are both excellent players and very adaptable for solo to chamber to orchestral settings.

I have $3600 in this horn, which is today’s price for a new one, but this horn came with three Saturn water keys…tuning, 3rd, and 4th slides. Those being sold at Trevor Jones have Amado water keys. Difference in cost: $40 for Saturns, $4 for Amados.

AND mine is a brushed clear lacquer in contrast to the standard polished clear lacquer look, which is more prone to showing smudges and fingerprints. Mine also has a trigger to the main slide(s), which provide more flexibility to the player for various performance scenarios.

I am willing to take a loss on this sale, so make me an offer. Text/call/email.
From the Trevor Jones website:
Their price: £2,582.50 = $3655.00 (but no Saturn water keys and no trigger)

Wallace Collection 4 Valve Eb Trumpet
The Wallace Collection 4 Valve Eb trumpet was developed in co-operation with John Wallace and Iain Muirhead. Manufactured in Germany by Voigt Brass.
Bore: 0.437”
Bell: 4.567” hand-hammered one-piece bell
Exchangeable bell and leadpipe
Nickel silver outer slides
Waterkey on the 3rd and 4th valve slide (& main slide)
Snap off Stopper at the 3rd valve slide
Light and heavy bottom caps
Outfit includes:
Two bells, light in yellow brass & light in copper
Two leadpipes, yellow brass & nickel silver
Instrument only
About the Wallace Collection 4 Valve Eb Trumpet
Existential – Transcendental
The Wallace Collection 4-valve trumpet is designed to meet the needs of the twenty-first century trumpet artist. During the course of the twentieth century, the trumpet evolved rapidly from being a mostly two dimensional instrument – military and lyrical – into a multi-faceted instrument capable in the hands of a true artist of every nuance of expression.
This trumpet is for the artist who wants to explore the innermost recesses of the human pysche and soul. This trumpet is the musical tool to unlock that deeper musical expression we all strive for. If you are that artist – this is that trumpet.
John Wallace
The most powerful tool you can ever use as a musician is one which allows freedom of expression, and continuity of thought.
The Wallace Collection-Voigt handcrafted Eb trumpet allows seemless playing at all dynamics. The design permits changes of leadpipes and bells which have been designed to compliment each other perfectly. This handcrafted trumpet has been designed by performers, it is balanced in the hand and has a unique characteristic which will allow the performer to concentrate on the music and not on the mechanics of playing. The sound is compact and powerful whilst all dynamics speak with clarity.
Iain Muirhead
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