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Gaggle of mpcs, tops, BBs

Placed: Nov. 26 '22: 3:20 pm   Views: 1855 
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Add $7 for CONUS shipping
Shipping is free for additional mpcs
Contact for shipping to AK, HI, and Canada
Local pickup available in Seattle, WA

No dents, dings, or anything beyond insertion marks unless noted
If it says Like New, I most likely purchased it new & only tested at home. Some insertion marks likely.
Photos available upon request

Open to trades for:
- Marcinkiewicz E3 (regular or Concert Hall)
- Hammond 4MV one-piece or top
- Reeves 43 dynamic mass underpart (S, M, D, or C - with standard threads, not the quick release threads)
- Warburton Series 80 KT
- James R New S4S or W4S top (W rims too)

Trumpet Tops
ACB Gen II - 1.25CS #27 Excellent 45
ACB 1.5R Gen II #27 Like New 45
James R New W6M Like New 60
James R New S6.5MS Like New 70 Custom ordered
James R New S7MD Excellent 50
James R New S7MS Very Good 50 Nick on rim, unnoticeable when played
Kanstul "BW" #27 Excellent 50 Shallow, semi-flat, about a W3 (similar to Marc E10)
Kanstul GIR6C Excellent 45
Kanstul GIR6SF Very good 45
Osmun 3C star Excellent 55 Osmun's copy of a Diorio / Tottle 3C start (rim closer to MV 3 size)
Pickett 1.25D#28 Like New 100 Custom ordered. Normally $120 plus 8-10 weeks wait
Pickett 1.25CD Excellent SOLD
Pickett 1.25C Excellent SOLD
Warburton 1MC New 90
Warburton 2S Very Good SOLD Pre-fire, cosmetic nicks, otherwise excellent
Warburton 2M Excellent 50 USA. Gold plated. Nick on rim. Playable, but can be felt.
Warburton 3S Pre-fire Very Good 65 Pre-fire, cosmetic scratches on rim. Plays fine.
Warburton 3S Oveido Very good 55

Trumpet Backbores, Rims, etc.
Pickett 1#27 Backbore Excellent SOLD
Warburton 7* #27 Backbore Good 25 Plate wear to brass at insertion, dent on shank exit, Pre-fire
Warburton 8 #27 Backbore Very Good 35 Cosmetic scratches, Pre-fire
Warburton 12* #27 Backbore Excellent 40 Pre-fire
Warburton Q #27 Backbore Good SOLD Exterior scratching, plays great

Trumpet One Pieces
ACB 1.5C #27 Very Good 70
Bach Artisan 1C Excellent 65
Bach Artisan 1.5C Like New 65
Blessing 5C Excellent 20
Curry 1.25DE Excellent 45
Curry 1TF Very Good 50 Some light wear
Hammond 1MV Like New 95 Purchased new
Hammond 2MB Very Good 75 Some rim wear, quite playable
Hammond 2MV Like New 95 Purchased new
HornTrader HT3CS-28 Very Good SOLD
Jet-Tone T2A #28 Poor SOLD Nicks, although playable
Jet-Tone T3C #28 Good SOLD Worn, needs polish
Kanstul "Moose" Excellent 100 Gold. B2/77 copy with B12 rim (based on 2003 B2/77)
Kanstul Prana B12 copy Excellent 100 Gold
Laskey 70MC Excellent 50
Legends Superbucket Like New SOLD Absolute screamer. .681 ID, D/E cup, light blank, tight throat
Marcinkiewicz 4/7C Excellent 45
Marcinkiewicz 308 Very Good 40 General wear
Marcinkiewicz 311 Excellent 45
Marcinkiewicz E10 Good 40 Plays fine, finish is just worn a bit
Marcinkiewicz E10 Excellent 55
Marcinkiewicz E19 Excellent 55
Schilke 13C5 Very Good 50 Custom rim, some cosmetic nicks, plays fine
Stork LTS2 Excellent 60
Stork LTV2 Excellent 60
Stork 1D25D Excellent 50
Stork 1.5E28T Excellent 60
Stork 1.5C Like New SOLD
Stork 1.25D+ Excellent 60
Stork 3B Excellent SOLD

- Mike
Category: Mouthpieces
Item price: $50.00
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