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110 Mouthpieces for Sale

Placed: May. 6 '23: 10:47 am   Views: 1101 
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Motivated to sell many of these and will give you a big discount if you buy more than a few!

See my spreadsheet for detailed information, the text below is for search purposes.

ACB MV 1.25C Trad Blank Trumpet Shank
ACB 1.25CS Vintage Blank Trumpet Shank
ACB MV 1.25C Trad Blank Trumpet Shank Font indicates different backbore
ACB MV 1.25C Pops Trad Blank Trumpet Shank
ACB MV 1.5C Trad Blank Trumpet Cut for Sleeves Bach Threads
ACB MV 1.5C Trad Blank Trumpet Cut for Sleeves
Bach 7EW 25 Cornet Shank
Bach 2C 24/24 Symphonic Trumpet Shank
Bach 1-1/2B Gold Trumpet Shank Gold worn off of silverplated shank
Bach 5B Cornet Shank B+
Bach C2C-FL Small Flugel Shank Top with Bach Threads
Bach 3C Trumpet Underpart Reeves Threads
Bach 5BFL Small Flugel Shank Underpart Bach Threads
Bach Corp 2C no period Trumpet Shank B+ Shank wear
Bach Corp. 1C Trumpet Shank B- Shank wear
Bach Corp. 1-1/4C Trumpet Shank B- Shank Wear
Bach Corp. 7E/117 Trumpet Underpart
Bach Corp. 5C Trumpet Shank
Benge 5C Flugel Large Flugel Shank A-
Curry 2TC Cornet Shank
Curry 2C 2/24 Bach Blank Trumpet Shank
Curry 1.25C Bach Blank Trumpet Shank
Curry 1.25 FL-Y Large Flugel Shank
Curry 1C-B 24/P3 Bach Blank Trumpet Shank Byron Autry 1C rim, 1C cup and 24 throat with larger 2 backbore
Curry 80TC Trumpet Shank
Curry 80M Cornet Shank
Curry 80VC Cornet Shank
Curry 80S Trumpet Shank
Curry 80J Universal Flugel Shank
Curry 80M Trumpet Shank
Curry 80-1C 25 Bach Blank Trumpet Shank
Curry 1HBC 23 Short Shank Trumpet Shank B- Silver Faded
Curry 3C. 24 Top Bach Threads
Giddings Hickman MD Trumpet Shank Hickman rim Polished Steek
GR 67C* Trumpet Underpart Reeves Threads
GR 67.4C Trumpet Underpart Reeves Threads
GR 67S-B Trumpet Underpart Bach Threads
GR 65EST Trumpet Shank
Greigo Ashton Ashton 1 Trumpet Shank
James New W3M-YH Trumpet Shank Hooten Rim, Warburton 3M cup and throat
James New J7C-H Trumpet Shank Hooten Rim, J7C cup and throat and backbore
James New DRG-C Trumpet Shank Arturo MV 3C setup 24/24
James New Najoom 3C-FL Large Flugel Shank Najoom 3 rim with deep flugel cup and backbore
James New N3-1.5 Trumpet Shank Najoom 3 rim, ACB MV1.5C cup throat and BB
James New Najoom N3-1.25 Trumpet Shank Najoom 3 Rim with Hooten Cup/throat/BB
James New Najoom N3 Pops Trumpet Shank Najoom 3 Rim with ACB 1.5 Pops cup/throat/BB
James New Najoom 3C-117 Cornet Shank Najoom 3 Rim, Wick 3B cup and big backbore
JK 4C A2 24 throat Trumpet Underpart Bach Threads
Kanstul MB2 FL P French Shank
Kanstul BMV 1-1/2C Top Bach Threads
Kanstul BMV 1-1/4C Top Bach Threads
Laskey 80S Old Font Trumpet Shank
Monette Prana AP6LDS1 25 Trumpet Shank
Monette Prana AP4LDS1 Cornet Shank
Monette Prana C2S3 23 LT Blank
Monette Unity MF VI LT Blank
Najoom 3C/M Top Bach Threads
Osmun 3C* Gold Plate Top Bach Threads
Patrick 3F Large Flugel Shank
Patrick 3MSP 16 Top Bach Threads
Patrick 1.5C Trumpet Shank
Patrick 1.5FL Trumpet Shank
Pickett Vince Picc+ Cornet Shank
Pickett 1.25C 24/#3 Trumpet Shank One Piece
Reeves 43D 24 throat Dynamic Mass Trumpet Underpart Reeves Threads
Schilke S4 Trumpet Shank
Schilke 16 Cornet Shank A-
Schilke 14A4x Cornet Shank
Shires 7D Cornet Shank
Shires 3C "Top " Bach Threads
Shires 1.5C Trumpet Cut for Sleeves No O-Ring
Shires 1.5C Trumpet Cut for Sleeves No O-Ring
Stomvi 1.5DVR Cornet Shank
Stomvi 3A Cornet Shank
Stomvi YS-Vs Trumpet Cut for Sleeves
Stork 2B25C Trumpet Shank
Stork 3P Cornet Shank
Stork 4P Cornet Shank Stamped 27 but is stock 25 throat
Stork S2 Trumpet Shank
Stork 2A Cornet Underpart Reeves Threads
Ultimate Brass 24 Gold plate Trumpet Shank
Ultimate Brass P Gold Plate Cornet Shank
Warburton 3SV Top Bach Threads
Warburton 3SV Top Bach Threads
Warburton 2D 24 Top Bach Threads
Yamaha 16C4 Trumpet Shank A-
Yamaha Hooten Trumpet Shank
Yamaha 16C4 Trumpet Shank
Yamaha Shew Lead Trumpet Shank
Yamaha 17D4 Trumpet Shank
Yamaha Hooten Trumpet Shank
Yamaha Shew Jazz Trumpet Shank
Yamaha 11A4 Cornet Shank
Yamaha 18C4 Trumpet Shank
Yamaha 14E Cornet Shank
Yamaha 16E Cornet Shank
Yamaha 16F4 Flugelhorn Underpart Breslmair Threads
Yamaha 16F4 Flugelhorn Underpart Bach Threads
Yamaha Sullivan Trumpet Cut for Sleeves
Category: Mouthpieces
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