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Lots of Parke

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Finally decided it's time to tighten my grip on reality and loosen my grip on a ton of my mouthpieces. I learned a lot from collecting them and experimenting, but the reality is I have far too many mouthpieces and I want them to go to good homes.

Just for reference, when buying directly from Parke, new rims are $100 each, new cups are $150, and new one pieces are $200. Price is reflective of condition relative to new. Feel free to negotiate or ask for pictures!

Rims have no cup or backbore attached.
Cups have no rim or backbore attached.
Backbores have no rim or cup attached.
Tops are a rim and cup in one piece, with no backbore attached.
Underparts are a cup and backbore in one piece, with no rim attached.

620 Rim Mouthpieces (around Bach 7E inner rim diameter)
Top - Parke Baptist 620-240-27 (Gold) - $120
Top - Parke Baptist 620-260-27 (Gold) - $120

630 Rim Mouthpieces (around Bach 3C inner rim diameter)
Rim - Parke Hagstrom 630 (Silver) - $80
Cup - Parke Merkelo (Orchestral) 630-240-24 (Silver) - $90
Top - Parke Merkelo (Orchestral) 630-270-24 (Silver) - $115
Top - Parke Orchestral 630-280-24 (Silver) - $115

650 Rim Mouthpieces (around Bach 1-1/4C inner rim diameter)
Rim - Parke Bergeron 650-215 (Silver) - $90
Cup - Parke Orchestral 650-300-24 Cup (Silver) - $100

655 Rim Mouthpieces (around Bach 1X inner rim diameter)
1-Piece - Parke Hagstrom 655-290-26 w/ Orchestral Backbore - (Silver) (BRAND NEW) - $170

Bach Mouthpieces (all one piece)
Vincent Bach Corp. 1 (Silver) - $70
Vincent Bach Corp. 1X (Silver) - $70
Vincent Bach Corp. 2-1/2C (Silver) - $70
Vincent Bach 6 - 25 throat, Wick backbore, Short Cornet Shank - $45
Vincent Bach 7MV (Silver) NEW - $50

Parke/Bach Piccolo Trumpet Pairings
Parke Merkelo 610 Rim & Vincent Bach Corp. Mt. Vernon NY 10-1/2C Underpart - $170
Vennture JK Picc.2 (Parke 620 rim, Bach 10.5C cup brought shallower to a D depth, 27 throat, 117 backbore) - $100

More Mouthpieces…
B&S 7E/LT Skeletonized Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece - $70
GR Lazarus 67 (Silver) - $145
Hammond Design 4MLx (Silver) - $45
Neill Sanders Contour 16D Cornet - $55
Neill Sanders Contour 17DB Cornet - $55
Warburton 8 Backbore (Silver) - $45

Cup - Parke Merkelo (Orchestral) 650-280-24 (Silver) - $45
The threads are cut way too high on this cup, leaving a deeper and wider cup than it’s supposed to be. A Parke 660 rim is still slightly too narrow and probably the cup depth is closer to 285 or 290.

Shipping and Payment
Add $10 for shipping (free if you buy more than 1 thing). Paypal preferred (please add 3.5% for Goods and Services). US buyers preferred.
Category: Mouthpieces
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