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Ray Griswold   []
Annandale Virginia United States
I have an interesting story. My brother, who passed away on 12/31/2022, collected musical instruments - everything from a piccolo to a tuba. He was a trombone player in high school and college, but he collected all types of instruments. In most cases, he bought these instruments new. He would open the case, maybe fiddle around with the instrument a bit, then close the case and slide it under his bed where it remained untouched for the past 15-20 years. He had over 70 instruments. I am the executor of his estate. It is my responsibility to find a home for these instruments but at a fair price for his beneficiaries (of which I am not one). I have had some success on Craigslist and took others to Baltimore Brass and placed on consignment. I still have some of the higher quality, professional instruments, including a 2008 Bach Stradivarius New York #7 Bb trumpet, a C. G. Conn 1BS Vintage One Bb trumpet, an Antoine Courtois Paris ACGS213-2-0 Grand Siecle Bb trumpet, a B&S Challenger 3136Jhs C trumpet, and several Getzen coronets. Given the time, the corks may need replacing, but these instruments are in like new condition. Suggestions? Thanks.