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Victor Burguess   [NiViBri]
Clawson Michigan United States
Contact me for: Trumpet instruction
NiViBri Inventors, Victor Burguess, has received two US Patents for Trumpet granted April '05 and July '05.
The First is the POLYTONAL TUNING SLIDE (PTTS) an INTERCHANGABLE tuning slide for BACH C,D,or Eb Trumpets that contains a rotary valve to lower the pitch 1 step, (or 1/2 step) EVEN while playing. It is similiar in design to the Tottle C/D Trumpets made for Armando Ghitalla, BUT is an interchangable component, with no parts attached to your horn. With this you can eliminate ALL "bad" pitches while keeping the horn you know and like. e.g. NOT 4th space,concert Eb played 2, or 2 and 3, (out of tune) but 4th space, concert Eb, played THUMB and first valve EASILY in tune.
The second is the CUSTOM TUNING SLIDE INSERTS KIT, for BACH and YAMAHA. Simply the Insert Kits contain 6 pieces (2 at 1/4", 2 at 3/8" and 2 at 1/2")of actual "factory" tuning slide tube, that are inserted ahead of your tuning slide to FILL THE GAPS created when you pull out the slide to play in tune. This reduces or eliminates the sound wave and air turbulence created by these gaps (think Shilke tunable bell) These can be used in just the top tube, in both tubes etc. etc. They allow YOU to customize your trumpet to your exact needs and improve slotting, pitch, respone, articulation, endurance and overall playability. These patents can be seen at, under OPTIONS then Burguess Inserts and at the International Trumpet Guild site at, under NEWS and NiViBri Inventors with bio info. and pictures. We do advertise on E-Bay as well and have sold more than 100 sets since July with GREAT feedback and VERY satisfied customers. For info. or questions please write