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Benoit Glazer   [bglazer]
Orlando Florida United States
Commercial/RecordingJazz Solo
ITG-Cirque du Soleil
Contact me for: Trumpet instruction
I have been conducting La Nouba, a Cirque du Soleil show in Orlando since 1998. I also have concerts in my home every week and write some music, either jazz tunes or concert chamber music.

I have been doing more film scoring lately.

I am the current president of the Timucua Arts Foundation, and try to make things happen on the arts scene in my town.

I enjoy playing trumpet because I know I will never master the instrument, therefore it seems to me I will continue to grow and learn. Life is less boring that way.

I have been working on orchestral trumpet playing in the past couple of years, and I am having a blast doing it.

I am also writing a method book for high school and college jazz orchestras. It aims to develop vocabulary, and it helps to gel the group together rhythmically and stylistically. The method is organized in weekly lessons that should be done every day, and it takes about 10 minutes to get through the lesson. I am working on the third set of twelve lessons, for 36 lessons in a year. Included in the method are scale patterns, II-V-I patterns, chorals, dots (a sight reading exercise), and simple theory concepts, including the all important "what scale to play". My philosophy on that is that pretty much every chord color out there can be delt with using major scales, jazz minor (ascending melodic minor), or harmonic minor. Instead of learning thirteen hundred scales, student really get comfortable with three (four with the diminished scale), and learn to use them creatively.