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Erik Kaiser   [Erik800]
New York United States
The person has experimented with a TCE approach for a few years but did not develop the full trumpet playing skills of contemporary trumpet players with a full range of up to 5 or even more octaves. Embouchure has remained unstable. The difficult changes in reflex and strength of the tongue have lasted unexpectedly long. Certainly a professional trumpet player might consider a change towards a full TCE approach very careful, as he might loose some of his playing skills for a longer while. Erik800 is an amateur in this forum, nevertheless me would like to enjoy a regular practice on the instrument sometimes, even if it causes severe criticism of the professional scene which has traditionally played with pressure. Pressure while playing has reduced to just a few grams and instead of pressing the mouthpiece on the lips to fix them in the high register the lips are rolled out and pressed against each other in the mouthpiece and on the tongue, which is very healthy and needs just little force, although it sometimes sounds funny. There always has been an interest to discover new and more efficient ways to play and as an amateur me is not living in the illusion there is nobody else in this forum with an advanced knowledge in TCE. In Europe they sometimes use a little adapter, an embouchure trainer, which can be placed between the lead pipe and the trumpet, if the pressure on the lips exceeds a certain amount of adjustable grams, a feather interrupts the airstream and you have to start new, a device the U.S. market has seemingly banned. Every helpful information about TCE is welcome and a communication appreciated. Me is currently looking for a cheap Schilke 24 trumpet mouthpiece, if you have one please send e mail to erik800 at mail dot com. One day you must let me know why it was me who has no permission to practice, although I, compared to most of the other professionals, have no visible injuries on my top lip.