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Jo Go   [Jo-Rae-Us]
Sydney Sutherland Shire Australia
Big BandBrass/Wind Band
0449 778841
I am a retired Cornet player due to health reasons.

I live in the Sutherland Shire in Sydneys South, and Ive played with numerous brass bands from D Grade to A Grade.

I am known by the brass community in Sydney, and as a hint, my son was Australia's National Jnr Tuba Champion for Solos two years running. Brian McGuinnes being his, and my teacher.

I am going to put my Rare Taylor Zeus Cornet for sale here on the market place.
It is a large bore heavy weight custom made, Andy Taylor of UK Cornet, and I can no longer play it due to health reasons, And to tell you the truth, its a shame to see such a wonderful instrument just sitting in its case, not being used.

Apparantly I need to make some posts before I can list on the market place, so here goes.... :-)