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Conor Gilbert   [VintageFTW]
Dahlonega Georgia United States
Brass/Wind BandBig Band
LCHS Band of Gold, Palm Court Jazz Cafe (Eventually)
Contact me for: Performance opportunities
Make sure to read this ENTIRE passage before approaching me. Thank you.

I buy, sell, and trade vintage (1930 - 1990's) or antique (1930 or older) brass instruments (preferably trumpets, cornets, strange/unusual instruments ect...) for prices that won't make your wallet turn itself inside-out. There is no guarantee that I will buy an instrument, but if it is fully functional and not too badly damaged cosmetically (I determine that) your chances of me accepting your offer are greatly increased *if the budget allows for it. If said instrument happens to interest me enough, I will consider making a fair trade or buy it directly from you for my personal collection and use.

I prefer to trade instruments, but I will sell if you have nothing to trade. My pricing for instruments is negotiable in that you give me a *reasonable* price and we work it out from there. For more valuable or rare horns though, I will have a set price that I am not willing to go below for logistical reasons (like if I invested X amount into an instrument to get it serviced + the price I originally paid for the instrument / the known value of the instrument + the cost of shipping the instrument to you; *This expense can vary greatly). The price of shipping will as always be at your expense. Any other fees that may apply to getting an instrument out to you are included in the cost of shipping.

If you wish to contact me my number is available and in the event that I cannot be reached via cellular device my Email is available by request. Before you call, make sure to somehow notify me that it is you (Like with a text or voicemail). Otherwise I will most likely not answer the call.

Thank you for choosing to take the time to read this. I hope that you can make the decision to do business with me based on the above. Have an absolutely brasstastic day!

As an aside, I finally feel ready to start performing and am always excited to learn. I plan to go into performance/teaching as my career, so I need experience gigging and playing in a variety of settings and ensembles. I have a knack for power playing though love quieter settings as well. I just need a good teacher to help mostly with improving my improvisational skills.