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John Brady   [JBeeBop]
Minneapolis Minnesota United States
Jazz SoloBig Band
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I am a 60 year old Engineer who played through HS and College... I played professionally to put myself through engineering school after my father passed away when I was 19 years old. I took early morning classes, worked in an engineering office in the afternoon and played my horn in the clubs at night. I was trained in Jazz and had a natural affinity for the blues. So the bands I played in were R&B bands and I played with some other great twin cities musicians including Gene Hoffman on tenor sax. I just recently came back, bought an Olds Super so I could send my Conn 60 B in for a valve lashing. Last Sunday my friend’s widow gave me a Yamaha YTR 734 a Schilke B5 clone which was in absolutely perfect condition. So all of a sudden I have three professional grade horns and am obviously depriving someone of playing a super nice horn. I am looking to start up some lessons with Scott Snyder as recommended by my tenor playing buddy Gene Hoffman. I had also stopped playing for a few years in 1978 when I quit drinking among other things. Fortunately some sober people welcomed me back into playing. Over 40 years of sobriety, I am looking to reconnect with music again so that when I retire, I have something fun to do.

I recently helped a friend who moved to Seattle was quoted $1700 by movers, but then they wanted $4800 to get his stuff back. He pawned his King Tenor to pay his health insurance premium. I put out the $800 to bail out his horn and now I need to unload one or two of the trumpets I have to keep my finances straight.