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Larry Arnall   [Brassman19]
Benbrook Texas United States
Jazz SoloBrass/Wind Band
I am a comeback trumpet player, having picked it back up about a year-and-a-half ago after a thirty-three year hiatus, so I am still in process of rebuilding my embouchure, technique/technical skills, endurance, and necessary skill sets and muscle memory in order to play again. For the meantime, until I regain those things to a minimum level of acceptable performance ability, I am not involved in any kind of public performance, or practicing with an ensemble or band (though I hope to do both in the future). I am fascinated by the history of and various manufacturers, designs, etc. of soprano brass instruments (that is, trumpets, cornet and flugelhorns), and have actually started collecting several horns, mostly vintage and semi-collectible/collectible ones, and am interested in selling certain ones of them (keeping my favorite horns for my own personal collection and performance usage). My phone number is 817-774-7774 (cell) if anyone would like to contact me and discuss trumpets I post here for sale. Thanks.