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Tony Watson   [Intelliquest]
Stockbridge Georgia United States
As a musician of 50 years, I have paid the price for not using guards to protect the finish of my trumpets and flugelhorns. I refused to use a leather guard because it killed the resonance and character of sound, and also deprived me from receiving any feedback from the instrument! in 2017, I sold one of my horns and it was devalued over $1000 because of damage to the brass in the underlying areas where the silver plating had worn through, and then I paid another fortune for another vintage instrument to replace it.
I lucked out when I found a highly sought after one-owner 1950 Olds Recording trumpet, and it's caretaker had played it with gloves his entire life! I couldn't believe how beautiful it was, and it played even better. I didn't want to wear gloves but this time I had to find a way to do justice for this instrument. Can you imagine putting a leather guard on a 1950 Olds Recording? "Dorky" doesn't even cover that idea, and besides, the guard would degrade the sound so I had to find another way. The problem was that there was nothing out there; not anywhere in the market.
That is why I invented the RezPad System. Targeted contact and acoustic protection. Zero residue, 100% resonance. Use it only where you need it. Less is more, and it is invisible when holding the instrument. It has been in development for 4 years and still looks like new on horns that have been played regularly. Preheat it with a household blow dryer and it comes off clean without removing the lacquer or plating. The material is rated for 8 years life, and it conforms to complex shapes because of it's high tensile strength and stretching capacity of 130%. You can even give your horn a bath, and it stays on.
It is patented for all musical instruments, and Trumpet RezPads are now being produced in single kits: precut and uncut material in each kit:, 5 gloss color options: Clear, Metallic Bronze, Gold, Silver and Black. Dealers get special deals, including wholesale pricing, and larger sheets of material that can be purchased for custom installations.
More info in the coming weeks, and you can contact me for more information at: