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Better Than a Digital NFT!!! Leon Merian's Beautiful 1924 Buescher in Satin Silver and Gold Wash

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Better Than a Digital NFT!!!

Leon Merian's Beautiful 1924 Buescher in Satin Silver and Gold Wash

NFT means non-fungible token, and non-fungible means that this token is unique and can’t be replaced. Let’s take Bitcoin, for example. Bitcoin is fungible since you can trade your Bitcoin for another Bitcoin. You will end up with Bitcoin in both cases. But a non-fungible token is unique. It can't be duplicated. The problem is that an NFT is essentially a unique number that sits in your computer providing no joy apart from that of some nebulous sense of ownership. And, oh yes, your money has vanished into cyberspace

Luckily, you met me!

And the very, very first Non-fungible Trumpet!!

Similar to the traditional NFT, this trumpet is one of a kind, it has passed through the hands of, and probably contains some DNA from a remarkable musician. Once it's gone, it's gone!! The big thing is: this NFT is actually something you can physically enjoy, play in your parlor, hang on the wall as a decoration, or take out for a gig etc. Much more fun than a digital NFT!! And much less subject to the whims of a volatile market.

Here we have a beautifully engraved Buescher True Tone Bb/A trumpet serial number 1583xx, circa 1924.
I purchased this from Leon Merian, one incredible trumpet player, just before his passing in 2007, just to see what kind of horn he made his reputation on. I have heard most of the greats in person and Leon could more than hold his own. A student of Georges Mager, that classical training came out in his sound, which Dizzy Gillespie said was "One of the most beautiful sounds you'll ever hear."

He was capable of holding down the lead chair, no mic, in his rip snorting big band (Who? Me? A microphone?? Naw!) into his 80’s without raising a sweat. He was working about as hard as the 4th chair player. You had to see it to believe it! (It so happens I have his charts as well, but that’s another story)

According to the Buescher Loyalist website: Model No. 9 is a small bore Trumpet made in Bb with quick-change slide to A. It has the famous Buescher patented Split-No-Tone Bell. Length 19-1/2inches. Diameter of Bell 4-3/8 inches. Weight 2-1/2 pounds. Furnished in high and low pitch. This instrument is marked 'LP'.

The bell features a gold wash, always an indicator of an upscale instrument. The engraving on the bell is remarkable with areas of gold highlighting the design engraved in the silver finish. All in all, an instrument worthy of a place of prominence in a collection.

No case, no mouthpiece

Full Disclosure:

There are a few dings (Leon was not kind to his trumpets!), the most noticeable of which is the (predictable) second valve slide. The lip of the bell is slightly depressed on one side. All slides slide: there are two tuning slides, one for Bb, and an extender to A. The vales are crisp and quick without any side slop. The second valve looks well aligned, the rest, of course, I can’t see to form a judgement. A simple-minded compression test (remove first valve slide, seal air flow with thumb, and blow) yields a positive result. The pinky hook has dislodged but has been retained. There are multiple brassing points of the silver, and there is a slight bend in the leadpipe.

Well labelled and well packed, international orders arrive promptly.

In my later playing days, my idea of an 'Original Instruments' performance consisted of the featuring of some of the more historical instruments you find on eBay on short selections or quick solos with a local dance band. Great Fun!!
I am ageing out of my brass playing years and, with both love and gratitude, and sending my collection of originals on to their future adventures. I will be posting further items each Friday.
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