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Vintage CONN cornets F/S

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Three-day trial with full refund of selling price — buyer contacts me by email within three days of delivery as documented by carrier, then pays for insured return, into the hands of carrier within three days after that.  Refund completed upon receipt of instrument in the same condition as it was sent.
Two vintage, Conn cornets for sale

1947 Conn 80A
1941 Conn 36A

-I have played each one extensively and offer my opinions.
-Will consider, in partial trade, bell for a Conn 37A or 38A (CONNstellation, short cornet)
-Comments and photos of model examples are available on the Conn Loyalist site

Stated shipping costs are for continental US

I’ll keep track of offers to buy by the sender’s time of response

No discount for multiple purchase


•1947 CONN 80A
Great player. Lacquer over brass is about as good as it gets in an unrestored horn that was good player.  The lacquer is bright and clear (not the dark honey color that sometimes develops on old horns), although I believe it to the original.  Engraving on bell and stamps on valve casings are deep and crisp.  Minor-moderate damage to the bell bow was repaired (without bell removal) by Mike Del Quadro in 2018, soon after I bought the horn.  Good compression on each valve.  Valves aligned, valve springs replaced, and upper valve parts (corks and felts) replaced as necessary by Del Quadro, along with new water key corks.  A few teeny dings.  There is a small dent on the bell, toward the midline, which is so inconspicuous that I noticed it for the first time just a few days ago as I was examining the horn carefully.  Scratch marks (probably from pliers) evident on ferrule of upper main slide.  Caps and buttons match and are correct.

Opera glass mechanism is complete and works perfectly.

The horn is not fussy about mouthpieces, and it will change moods drastically with drastically different pieces.  Drop in a commercial piece and the horn can play lead with any community big band, or hang in the section with a band at any level.  Put in a deep piece (like a Flip Oakes XD) and you might consider selling your Martin Committee trumpet, especially if you prefer warm butter to smoke.  The horn is ideal for Trad Jazz with a mouthpiece that has some bark.

Although designed for a short shank mpc with a proprietary (Conn) taper, it will take any short or long piece with a standard Morse taper, with just a little bit of play.  But don’t jam a too-large shank into the receiver or the receiver will eventually become too large for the proper taper.  Mark Curry will make any of his pieces with the correct, vintage Conn shank.

Dual Bore (as are all 80A cornets)
0.468” going into the main slide
0..484” coming out of the main slide and thru the horn
Trent Austin talks about 80A cornets and, if you’re not familiar with Michael Del Quadro, Trent mentions him as well in this video.

Here is Trent performing on his 1936 80A

Austin Custom Brass is currently offering three 80A’s for sale …
►80A, “WWII-era,” that, from the photos, looks straight, has some non-original parts (per the description on the site), and has been re-lacquered for …
$500 + $35 shipping.

►80A, 1952, that looks OK in the pics, looks to have had the rear bell brace unattached/reattached, with an inoperable opera glass tuner due to missing parts for …
$420 + $25 shipping

►80A, 1919, with the quick-pull to A mechanism and a functional opera glass (although, incorrectly described as an “hour glass”) tuner for …
$600 + $35 shipping

The 80A for sale here, with the original case (tight hinges, latch springs, and latches; decent interior and exterior) at …
$400 + $50 shipping —The actual cost for shipping supplies and either UPS or USPS "dimensional weight" tariff could be nearly $100 to Zone 7 or 8 from my location. So, if you want to make an offer of $350 (for the cornet and case) + $15 for proper shipping supplies + "actual cost of shipping and insurance" to lower 48, I'll take that offer

1941 Conn 36A Concert Grand
Good-playin’ — very easy playin' —horn, leaning toward the traditional cornet sound of the early parts of the 20th Century.  I wouldn’t recommend this horn for small hands — it has a very wide wrap.

Restored, refinished (satin with a bright bell interior), and valves aligned in 2015 by Mike Pawul at Pawul Trumpet Works.

I use it on some Dixie gigs, depending on the band and the venue, and used it to record part of an album of turn-of-the-20th-century rags a few years ago (along with a second 36A tuned in A).  I love playing this horn with just a piano or in a very small (bass and guitar) combo, although I used it with mutes quite a bit in bigger small bands when I had a mic — its shortness is great when wah-ing on a Mello-Wah.

Not as common as the 80A, look around to see what sellers are asking for poor, fair, and patched instruments that are not restored, fairly recently or being offered as having been approved by a decent player.

0.468” bore

This 36A is for sale, with the original case (intact and fully functional) and lyre for …
$400 + $50 shipping — The actual cost for shipping supplies and either UPS or USPS "dimensional weight" tariff could be nearly $100 to Zone 7 or 8 from my location. So, if you want to make an offer of $350 (for the cornet and case) + $15 for proper shipping supplies + "actual cost of shipping and insurance" to lower 48, I'll take that offer­­­­­­­­
Category: Cornets and Flugelhorns
Item price: $400.00
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