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Michael Malloy   [Michael1638]
Columbus Ohio United States
Contact me for: Trumpet instruction
I am a 60 year old retired civil servant. I worked in the libraries at the Ohio State University for most of my career. I studied trumpet with Richard Burkart after serving four years in the U.S. Navy as a lead trumpet player. My bachelors degree is in music history. I taught myself to play natural trumpet and cornetto. For roughly 25 years I played with friends in the Columbus Cornett and Sacbutt Ensemble. We were fortunate to receive very high quality coaching from Ben Peck, Alan Dean, and other members of the New York Cornett and Sacbut Ensemble. After a period of trumpet inactivity - I was busy conducting a Russian Orthodox Church choir - I resumed playing again about three years ago. I now play mainly on what might be a Chicago-CL Bach Strad. I say might be because I have no way to clearly identify it. It is large bore and has the 239 bell. I also enjoy a Yamaha YTR4335 B flat trumpet. I purchased a custom made Naumann Natural Trumpet, Ehe model, recently. Also recently I purchased on eBay a very nice Scherzer B flat trumpet with rotary valves. I hope to sell the Scherzer because it ought to be used in an orchestra more often than I can use it.