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Michael Walker   [TGCS]
Commercial/RecordingJazz Solo
Well, since this profile is to encourage confidence in trading on the TH internet marketplace, here is the SCOOP:

"Yes, I'm for real" :-)

Don't believe it?

Check my 100% positive eBay feedback ( ebay id: theguitarcustomshop - EIGHT YEARS buying and selling on ebay)

Check out my website,

A cursory look around will reveal that I personally facilitate the creation of about 50 custom guitars a year, and I work with clients in almost 40 different countries now. And we get lots of repeat business! What else do I do on the internet? Due to the difficulty of getting specialized guitar parts locally, I purchase at least $20,000 dollars worth of guitar parts and tonewoods via the internet every year. Needless to say, I am meticulously accurate and scrupulously honest in all my internet dealings, because this is WHAT I DO, I work on the web.

Anyway, I probably won't be selling anything here (except perhaps the odd used mouthpiece, if I end up trying a few different ones) but you can rest assured that as a buyer, I won't be wasting your time with any neurotic nonsense. Should I agree to purchase something from you, the paypal payment will be in your account 30 seconds after I say its on the way!

I hope that puts your mind at ease, and you may go about your business now...