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Jon Vento   [jvento]
Davis California United States
I started playing trumpet in 6th grade, stopped in 10th, and then picked it up again when I came to college at UC Davis in 2004. I love playing trumpet almost as much as I enjoy fly fishing. Currently I play on a Getzen 300 series which has been great to me and really taught me how to play lead. So now that I have my mouthpiece of choice, I'm looking for a horn that will allow me to really take off. I joined the site in July when I bought a vintage Conn and was looking for information on the trumpet. I love this site and the wealth of information I have attained from both reading and asking questions. Thanks TH! Continuing with my story... I'm not trained in scales and pretty much anything technical, but I can read music and play solidly. I play lead in the CAMB and I look forward to every day I get to take my horn out and play. My favorite thing to do is to pump myself up for a gig by listening to Bill Chase, Maynard, and Wayne Bergeron. Listening to the way they play their notes inspires me like nothing else.