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K. Bernard La Grange III   [LaGrangeTrumpets]
New Orleans Louisiana United States
Big BandOrchestra
Hello trumpet herald members,
. This report is about consumers who get upset about what other music companies have to do to protect others and then uses blog sites such as these to discredit those companies without caring who and what they damage. Please be patient and read this true story.
The family of Kermit Bernard La Grange Sr., with La Grange pro trumpets. The trumpet herald site was available when it came to be in 2001? Maybe? There was not much interest in this site until uniquetrumet posted a report that was unjust about La Grange pro trumpets. “The truth has to be told or the dishonest will prevail.” La Grange has talked to the trumpet herald and the trumpet herald confirmed Oscar’s post was removed.
(Uniquetruimpets was notified beforehand of this report.). Uniquetrumpets used this site to post a buyer beware of La Grange pro trumpets in hopes for the social society to read from La Grange pro trumpets charging unique trumpets a sterilization fee to sterilize a trumpet sold to him then returned to them, to clean and to remove amino acids (or simply bodily fluids that are present inside of the trumpet.) The trumpet he purchased from La Grange , he then returned for he was interested in their model De La Mardi Gras LT III. Yes; This Site is about trumpet talk and peoples’ opinions on products and so forth. If a member wants to post a story or statements, etc. on any blog site about another member or product; please post the truth and be honest.. Why in God's name do some people have to use blogs to post false information to hurt the credibility of others as Oscar Onoz did from uniquetrumet. Of course lagrange trumpets and others have the right to voice their opinions to protect their assets as well to correct what Oscar had done and give the true explanation of what happened.
. Though uniquetrumpets post is 2 months old; (Bernard has been away going to different high schools outside of louisiana promoting his trumpets) After La Grange confronted Oscar Onoz; He did remove his post after he realized by him not following trumpetheralds rules, giving improper information and second; A 5 page report certified mail receipt (he had to sign for it) was mailed to uniquetrumpets with information about Lagrange's building process with what materials are used, the plating, what company the powder coat comes from etc. and there; he realized “I have to remove my post.” Oscar did remove his own post with a thank you in return of him taking down that post. (Oscar, if you are reading this, please...if there is something missing or something incorrect. please, do not feel embarrassed, you have been forgiven).

From reading posts from other members' replies; about 15 members voiced their opinions on his post, But oddly, Oscar did report a positive feedback that any trumpet manufacturer can receive. There were good talks between them and everything was as good as it could be until he was charged with this sterilizing fee to sterilize the trumpet he purchased from La grange trumpets, due to one good reason…. ‘The coronavirus”. The De La Mardi Gras I was in his possession for 12 days and he openly wrote to Bernard “I used your trumpet to make a video for ITG and I will email the video to you”
(his statement is recorded) after the fact; Oscar returned the trumpet with a couple of pieces removed, full of fingerprints and the 2 pieces were in a used plastic bag. Someone has to pay for the rental and clean up of any instrument company, no matter 0f what instrument…... All would be upset that someone as professional as he and others don’t give products as these any care.

La Grange trumpets are not rentals! Oscars’ point of view was to use their trumpet to make his video then return it for a full refund.
His post was about him being charged a 15% sterilization fee (off the sale price). In his post on this site, He stated: “I only played their trumpet for 5 minutes, but yet produced a video with their trumpet for ITG”. (the dates are documented). For those who responded and read his post, you remember what you wrote. Hopefully, for those who responded to Oscar's post may read this and for those who didn't will have a better understanding on what took place and who we truly are. This report is from a humble trumpet workshop wanting to bring their grandfather's work into advertising….but slowly…….
While this report is being stated; Please allow and comprehen on how these trumpets became.

A website is being worked on. certain sources are not available just yet and eBay is the first place to start. (Not the best place, but it works) La Grange trumpets are custom made and made to order. Bernard built 6 trumpets just for eBay and 4 sold since these trumpets were launched on October of year 2019; quite pleasing.
Every small family business starts off with humble beginnings. Their forefathers' never advertised, just by word of mouth, then built to order,That's the way things were done back then. No internet. These trumpets are only built to order and still are made to order by word of mouth. Now that both forefathers have passed on and the internet has been available. The work of LaGrange trumpets are going into advertising.; As for some of you; you’ve seen the eBay site?. This was the first place to start.
Reading the posts of the ones who responded to uniquetrumpets post; their opinions were not correct; Just saying things at will without knowing the true understanding.. Hopefully….this post will answer for those who responded? A quote read by a member said “It looks painted”. Their gold satin trumpets are powder coated not painted, though the process is the same with a special powder coat gun, then baked in a powder coat oven. All trumpets that are not plated are painted like the gold lacquer trumpets.

La Grange Sr. named these trumpets after the world renowned Mardi Gras celebration here in
New Orleans, La. and other cities around the world that celebrate this religious celebration as in Brazil.. Mardi Gras can mean different things depending on how it is used in a sentence. It can mean: “Happy Fat Tuesday”, “of fat Tuesday” or just “come to the mardi Gras” “Happy Mardi Gras” ETC. Or you can just google it. Fat Tuesday is just as it sounds…..everyone celebrating this date goes out and becomes a glutton and someone else for a day and let themselves loose before ash wednesday. It’s too complex to be explained here. So the name of his trumpets are “De La Mardi Gras” simply “come to the mardi gras!” And the last name “La Grange” in english means “the barn”. La Grange comes all the way from La Grange, France (you can google it) and way back in the late 1700’s the acadians migrated to eastern canada then were exiled out of canada and migrated to south louisiana and the acadians have been here ever since. Every one knows, Canada's language is French. I am sure you heard of cajuns and creoles? Long history.

Just because a new name appears doesn't mean that company is new.
Kermit Bernard La Grange (born 1910) started making trumpets in 1964 for one reason, These trumpets were being built for the unprivileged students to be able to buy a pro trumpet at an affordable price.
Quotes were stated: “there is no reason these style horns could cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars” (this was way back then) . All the raw material is right here in the New Orleans area. New Orleans is an export city and not an import city. Meaning, “raw materials are cheaper here than having it imported.”

La Grange now has 4 models and they are all De La Mardi Gras I, II, LT III, IIII. We only use silver plating, gold plating and powder coat gold matt satin; maybe he will start with the silver matt? The Model I is just like the 180 from Bach. Model II is model I with a reverse lead pipe. Model Lt III is the light weight model and looks like the schilke B1. model IIII is the voodoo signature series model.
There is no display store; just a workshop (Harahan, La.) with their grandfather's tools. Having a website and a display store costs money, lots of money….. but eventually...hopefully some day………………….. His whole family is into music and with our grandfather, (in his time) being around some famous names; this is where and how these trumpets became. It may be hard to believe the people our grandfather has been around and played with. Here is a list of the famous musicians that hail from New Orleans. As was written before, “we’re ok with opinions, that’s your right.” Either optimistic or pessimistic and freedom of speech.

The trumpet is played over a whole range of musical genres. These include classical and modern forms of music, but the most famous trumpet players inevitably hail from the world of Jazz, both traditional and modern.
The reason behind this is perhaps the nature of Jazz music, which makes ample use of the full range of sound that the trumpet can produce.
Having said that. It would be unfair to ignore the contribution that the trumpet has made in other spheres such as rock, blues, pop, and rap music.

The Marsalis Family, Louis Armstrong, Pete Fountain, Harry Connick Jr., Al Hirt, King Oliver, Kermit Ruffins, Allen Toussaint, Trombone shorty, the Neville brothers, Erma Thomas, Dr. John, Professor Longhair, Fats Domino, Louis Prima, the Dixie Cups, Ernie K-doe, the dukes of Dixieland, the dirty dozen brass brand, rebirth jazz band, The list goes on……..and all were born and raised in New Orleans.. The birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans, La.

Of Course there's more to this story and how this trumpet became, but the main reason here is:
Uniquetrumpets posted an unjust report because he was charged a fee for cleaning up our trumpet he used to produce his video for ITG.... All the messages Oscar sent them are legitimate and are documented with his name and if they are not, he will come into this site and let us know. If anyone wants to see these messages...There are available. Oscar was told: “this may be a little uncomfortable for you for a short while; but it will pass” As long as we forgave him and hopefully…. everything should be ok.

This report wouldn’t be reported without documents to back up La Grange.….In his post; Oscar did state: “It’s best not to deal with them” but look at what La Grange had to deal with. If uniquetrumpets post wasn’t reported, we are just as guilty. So in dealings with uniquetrumpets….La Grange took a 234.00 dollar loss on the sale of the trumpet he returned, plus, a 36.00 dollar loss from eBay for him to make his video. That trumpet was sold as used to a girl in California. .
Uniquetrumpets gave our trumpets the thumbs up, but yet complained about a fee to clean our trumpet after he had it for 12 days to make his video. Oscar is a good guy, very knowledgeable, but chose poorly in his decision to write his unjust post because of a sterilization fee..
LaGrange does want to say: “Thank you trumpetherald for being here!” and “Thank you members for reading and your patience in your understanding”. No one or any company likes to go to this extent, but their Grandfathers treasure (assets) needs to be protected from disgruntled buyers…This is one reason La Grange never advertised. (1987)” people like to voice their opinion from someone else's post rather than going to the maker first.
La Grange Sr. passed away in 1993 at the age of 83 and his son died in 2017.
Everyone and every company is not perfect, but a humble small family business wanting to slowly advertise these wonderful trumpets. What is that saying “always copied, but never duplicated” What we do not do here is….. “we do not duplicate the price”
The good lord built DNA into every living human being to know right from wrong; It's In our conscience. Every human being on planet earth is born with it even from 200,000 thousand years ago. Measure twice and cut once before anyone one creates his or her post. As you read…. Uniquetrumpets; not once has he been discredited . We’re one to forgive and not to take... We are a very small family oriented humble workshop with no outside employees. Here is one request….This is not a debate; please do not reply. Very rarely we will come into this site. If there is a reply……., honest questions will receive honest answers. All this said: “ even though it’s written in the warranty Oscar received about this sterilization fee for someone being charged to sterilize these trumpets; Do you know…..eBay returned those funds to Oscar that were deducted from his purchase.
In dealings with uniquetrumpets; LaGrange pro trumpets took a huge loss totaling 450.00 dollars, Then Oscar doing more damage of coming into the trumpet herald site to discredit La Grange trumpets. Sad.
“You do not have to have a good memory if you tell the truth.”

P.S. “Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report………..think on these things” -Philippians: 4-8,
Either optimistic or pessimistic and freedom of speech.

Sincerely to all

“He who can not forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself”
The world is a difficult place indeed, and people are hard to suit, and the man who plays the flute, and I myself have often thought, how very better ‘twould be in hopes everyone will agree? But if not, the very best way to make the world look bright, is never to mind what others say, but do what you think is right.
Make a rule, and pray to God to help you keep it, never, if possible, to lie down at night without being able to say, “I have made one human being, at least, a little wiser, a little happier, a little better this day and salute to say: Thank you trumpet herald for being here.