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Warburton 8MC TopPlaced: Jun. 10 '20: 12:32 pmViews: 49
Hello All, For sale here is a Warburton 8MC trumpet top in fantastic shape. I hardly used it. Feel free to email me for pictures and more...
Kanstul CG Personal Tpt MPPlaced: Jun. 10 '20: 12:24 pmViews: 154
Hello all, For sale here is a Kanstul C.G. Personal trumpet mouthpiece in great condition. Feel free to email me for more pictures and in...
Small Size Curry Flugel MPsPlaced: Jun. 10 '20: 12:22 pmViews: 98
Hello All, For sale here are 2 small sized Curry flugelhorn mouthpieces both in a Bach taper. Both are in great condition, hardly used! F...
C Trumpets @ Baltimore BrassPlaced: Jun. 10 '20: 12:06 pmViews: 483
Baltimore Brass has a growing collection of new and used C trumpets in the shop! Horns come and go but we often have Bach, Yamaha, Adams, Sc...
Breaking up with the 1 1/2 CPlaced: Jun. 10 '20: 10:30 amViews: 296
I'll happily send photos on request. All mouthpiece will be cleaned, polished and sterilized in clean gloved hands before sending for yo...
WTB Costello (William CostelPlaced: Jun. 10 '20: 10:16 amViews: 64
WTB Costello (William Costello) A trumpet mouthpiece
WTB Jet Tone RS1 or RS2Placed: Jun. 10 '20: 10:13 amViews: 58
WTB a Jet Tone RS1 or RS2 (Roy Stevens) trumpet mouthpiece
Bach 7DWPlaced: Jun. 10 '20: 9:51 amViews: 88
Comfortable rim with shallower cup. Good lead playing mpc. Perfect condition. $45 includes sipping.
Blackburn Eb/D trumpetPlaced: Jun. 9 '20: 9:37 pmViews: 783
Blackburn Eb/D -- excellent condition. Comes with an Eb and D bell.
1957 E. Benge BURBANK Resno Placed: Jun. 9 '20: 2:51 pmViews: 347
1957 E. Benge BURBANK Resno Tempered Bell, Calif. USA TRADE is possible (both Polish and USA shipping address available) MORE DETAILS ...
Jet-Tone screw rimPlaced: Jun. 9 '20: 1:07 pmViews: 254
This Jet-Tone was made using an early T-3 model and the screw rim modification was done by Billy Hodges here in Las Vegas. Billy was not onl...
Vincent Bach 10 1/2 CWFLPlaced: Jun. 9 '20: 12:47 pmViews: 101
Literally brand new out of the box, a Vincent Bach 10 1/2 CWFL, one of the most comfortable flugelhorn mouthpieces made. The standard throat...
Pickett, Curry, ACB, WarburtPlaced: Jun. 9 '20: 7:07 amViews: 429
A few items not working for me - ALL purchased used here from the Marketplace. All in good used condition. $65 - Pickett #2/25 backbore ...
lots of pieces Placed: Jun. 8 '20: 11:19 pmViews: 943
Open to offers. Prices include shipping within the CONUS. Trumpet one piece Giardinelli New york 10B- $40 Giardinelli New York 6M?- $...
**SOLD** Bach 229 25H C trumPlaced: Jun. 8 '20: 8:10 pmViews: 485
**SOLD** Great horn! I had the 25H pipe installed and it is raw brass. The rest of the horn is silver and in very good condition with a bit ...
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